We want to extend the (YAO) You Are Optimist Brand all over the world, YAOWEAR's clothing and accessories, streetwear are high-end products, made in Europe according to European standards and with quality materials, We want to meet real needs , encourage reasoned and responsible consumption, Stay Optimistic.





born on 04/09/1997 in Agome Koutoukpa, grew up in a district in Lomé, fan of streetwear, sneackers from an early age, inspired by designers like "James JEBBIA", "Mr Ye ( Kayne West) and Virgil Abloh" he decided to launch his first brand of clothing in 2012 but which flopped because of the financial means and the time devoted only to studies.. 

After his diploma in a film school, GREG launches into entrepreneurship and launches his first online store "GREG STORE", years later he rose in rank, thanks to his knowledge, research, and training; finally he launched his own brand of clothing that he declared in Germany with the help of his friend Norbert SITTI, You Are Optimist YAO was the hallmark of GREG..

GREG's message first and foremost around this brand is to motivate all young Africans who are in the four corners of the world, who are fighting to succeed in their lives, who have dreams, who are charcoal h24; never give up and always be Optimistic, always aim for the top, one fine day we will all succeed!

Stay Optimistic✌🏾